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Yoga Nidra

30-35 degree heat

Yoga Nidra or ‘sleep of the Yogis’, is a guided meditation practise.

Yoga Nidra, which is derived from the tantras, is a powerful technique in which you learn to relax consciously. In Yoga Nidra, sleep is not regarded as relaxation. People feel that they are relaxing when they collapse into the sofa with a cup of coffee, a drink or a cigarette and read the newspaper or watch television. But this will never suffice as a scientific definition of relaxation. These are only sensory diversions. True relaxation is actually an experience far beyond all of this. For absolute relaxation one must remain aware. Yoga Nidra is the state of dynamic sleep, it is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.

When we dwell in the pleasures of our senses, attractions to further pleasures arise. From attraction comes attachment, the desire for possession that leads to passion and burns into anger.

Passion and anger cloud judgement and lead to confusion, the inability to learn from past mistakes and the failure to choose between what is wise and what is unwise.

This is the path of separation.

But when we move into the world of the senses in harmony, free from attachment to attraction or aversion, we rest in the wisdom heart of our True Nature, the true equanimity of Being, in which all suffering and sorrow cease.