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Why The Heat?

Lots of reasons, but firstly, be sure to sweat…..a lot……from places where you didn’t even know you had places………

You will practise in a maximum of 40 degree heat with 40% relative humidity. Amongst many other things, the heat will relax your muscles. It will be a challenge at first but you will get better, and over time you will learn breathing techniques and active meditation, which will keep your mind in the present moment. With a mind-body connection you will learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Get ready to change your life!

Bikram Hot Yoga will leave you feeling ageless, with an abundance of positive energy, a better body and clarity of mind. Expect to be more flexible, sleep better, be able to deal with life’s stresses, detox, improve your whole body range of movement and enjoy life much, much more. Feel connected to our growing community of like-minded people empowering each other and thriving together.

The heat is created to mimic the temperature in India, which is the correct temperature for a pure Bikram Hot Yoga experience – there are a multitude of benefits to be gained from it.

Humidity is there to assist in your body’s own natural cooling system – SWEAT! Without the humidity the room would be very dry, but with it, your pores will open up and the sweat will pour out leaving you with glowing skin, relaxed muscles and with increased water intake, which is the commencement of your detoxification process.

‘If you do my Yoga every day you will look the same way at 95, or even 105!’ Bikram.


Heat Heals.

Bikram Yoga is the original Hot Yoga and was created only for practise in heat.

Our sequence of postures combined with the heat will provide increased blood flow to 100% of your body. Increased blood flow flushes out toxins from every single muscle, joint, organ and system in the body, and relaxes the muscles keeping them happy and ready to change. This then enables us to lengthen and strengthen the muscles, also stimulating, maintaining and hydrating the soft connective tissue, which is an endless web of packing material inside the body that contains 10 times more nerve receptors than muscle. Soft tissue and connective tissue are things like ligaments and tendons, which is where the ‘stretch-reflex’ receptors live.

Bikram Yoga is a discipline and a way of life, and it is our life’s work to coach, guide, motivate and encourage our students to make positive changes in their lives. It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it. With every challenge comes change. With change comes empowerment –a new lease of life…..or maybe a new athletic goal. Maybe it will just bring a new beginning in general. New friends, new habits.

One thing is for sure, most people have no idea how good their body is meant to feel.

You will sleep better, increasing mental strength.

You will deal with stressful situations better and recover quicker.

Your body will move better and more efficiently.

You will learn about your body and prevent injuries.

You will be able to put your socks on without sitting down!


There are hundreds of Bikram Studios worldwide. They are devoted to the Bikram method and all teach from the same hand-book, so that wherever you may be, if there’s a Bikram studio nearby, they will teach the same 26 and 2 postures. But! Check the teachers are Bikram certified or you may not receive the true method.