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Studio Etiquette

Energy flows where intention goes…….


  • New students please arrive at least 20 minutes before your first class to register and receive your swipe card.
  • All students must be in the room at least 5 minutes before class starts. Entry cannot be given after class has started.
  • On arrival at the studio please attend the reception desk and speak to the member of staff. They will advise you of your member profile account details, show you around and explain where to go and what to do then give you a membership card so that you can just swipe in next time. This card will contain all of your membership details and you can store cash on your account if you wish. (Card not available for drop-ins).
  • Please remove your shoes and place them on the racks provided. Don’t worry – the studio is locked during class.
  • Lion Heart Hot Yoga Hull was created for you to disconnect form the outside world. Please turn off ALL mobile phones and any other electronic devices. Personal effect lockers are provided for safe keeping of your belongings.
  • Polite notice – no perfume or strong smelling sprays allowed in the Yoga studio. The heat amplifies the intensity of the smell and can be extremely uncomfortable for others. Please feel free to take a shower to remove the scent. This also applies to heavy smokers.
  • Please wear appropriate attire: moisture wicking Yoga wear, shorts with lining. Strictly no underwear.
  • On entering the Yoga room please make note of the lines on the floor and place your mat with the line running through the middle. For your first class, please stay towards the centre back of the room so that you have other students to watch.
  • Stay in the room. Bikram Yoga is active meditation. If your head tells you to leave the room – please don’t do that. The best way you can look after yourself and that the teacher can look after you is for you to sit down and join back in when you’re ready. It is also very distracting and disrespectful to the others in the room. You’re in good hands, don’t worry!
  • During a Bikram class there is no talking for 90 minutes. Please respect the silence in the room – sometimes silence is truly needed.
  • Please prepare yourself fully by using the bathroom before class and removing any watches or devices that make sounds during the class.
  • STRICTLY no mobile phones, no belongings other than what you need and only water is to be taken into the room.
  • Please respect the practise and mediation of all other students and listen to the instructions of the teacher. Eventually you’ll understand how off putting it can be when people don’t respect what you are trying to enjoy.
  • After class, please put any hired mats or towels in the relevant baskets.

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