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Restorative Yoga

30-35 degree heat.

In these anxious and weary times, we provide this antidote to stress.

Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to healthy living. The effects of stress have reached epidemic proportions in our lives and stress related diseases have become a medical speciality. Regardless of the trigger, stress is often accompanied by one or more negative effects – impatience, frustration, irritation, anger, muscle tension, headache or indigestion. One thing is for sure, the more stress we experience, the more its’ effects compound within us.

Restorative poses relieve the effects of chronic stress in several ways. First, the use of props provide a completely supportive environment for relaxation. Relaxation music will accompany Spinal movement, and a well sequenced class, stimulating and soothing the organs leaving you neither over-stimulated nor depleted – only healed from within.

Peace within makes beauty without.