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Maximum Burn, Fitness & Nutrition Programme

My mission is to help you live a healthier life to impro0ve your overall fitness and wellbeing, get in the best shape ever, you will reach your goals and then maintain them! This is a NUTRITION plan strategically created to enhance your body energy and assist in you reaching your fit body GOALS and plan to keep them!

Your transformation starts here, with a plan to revolutionise your fitness and body!

  • COMMIT BY BOOKING INTO A REAL TIME CLASS. Receive a reminder of your commitment and time to get ready.
  • 3 MAXIMUM BURN LIVE STREAM SESSIONS (plus 1 more of your choice) real time, per week, with an instructor that knows your name and your goals. We are trained to motivate and inspire and plan our sessions so you get the best FULL BODY WORK OUT FROM HOME.
  • Sculpt Arms, Abs, Ass, Legs. Our Instructors all work together to cover your whole body!
  • Take another class on us! Balance out your efforts with 1 more body toning or relaxing session – they all have a calorific value, and the yoga can give you a calm mind plus flexibility!
  • Fuel correctly, expand your energy which will leave you WANTING TO DO MORE!

Nutrition with personal training is the best way to get into shape. Understanding what you need to eat and how much to eat is a great start to reach your goals. From there, balancing your nutrition with the right intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates will help you reach for Excellence In Fitness


  • Structured workouts with new classes added all the time – from HIIT to yoga and meditation!
  • With or without weights and resistance bands so you can take it up or down.
  • Visually track your progress with measurements on the Calculator
  • Bolt onto your package with Unlimited access to all workouts in the On Demand Library.

Nutrition, the easy way

You don’t have to starve or restrict yourself when you’re losing weight – eat 3 nutritional meals with snacks every day!

  • Nutritionist-approved recipes that are family and meal-prep friendly

We own our goals together

Weight loss is scientifically proven to improve if you have other people there throughout your journey, which is why we made the Maximum Burn Fitness & Nutrition Community Group

  • Connect, motivate and share experiences with like-minded people.
  • Accountability all day, every day so that you ignore temptation.
  • Show us your food!
  • Share your results!

1 Month of Body Transformation Includes:-

16 Classes per month!

Take 3 MAXIMUM BURN sessions PLUS add one other of your choice from our amazing schedule.

  • What to buy at the Supermarket
  • Recipe ideas (these will correspond to our class styles with a section which will allow you to customise the recipes eg. add carbs, calories, etc)
  • 5 x Breakfast Recipes
  • 8 x Main Meal Recipes
  • 5 X Snack Recipes
  • 2 X Smoothie Recipes
  • Up to 16 MAXIMUM BURN sessions!
  • & LOTS MORE! FOR ONLY £60 per month