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Hi I’m Liz… So, my real yoga journey began in January of 2016, 4th to be exact. After practicing a few different types of yoga in previous years I am so grateful I discovered Bikram Yoga. I’ve always been a keen gym goer and have a real passion for health, wellness and fitness but I needed something else, something for my mind. Something which would allow me to switch off and let me focus on only ME!

Following a couple of tough months in 2015 my friend suggested I try Bikram Yoga. Like most, I was unsure exactly what to expect. I did a 10 day trial and I couldn’t wait to join as a member. I was addicted. I couldn’t get enough of it. Practicing pretty much every day and even finding studios when I was travelling. It wasn’t long before I gave up my gym memberships when I realized, through yoga I was pushing myself beyond my comfort zone at the same time strengthening my core. The practice gave me something that nothing else had ever done. It provided me with clarity, a peaceful mind, strength, patience and concentration. Oh and a whole load of energy! No matter how much I practiced I just kept wanting more.

I no longer wanted to work to live but rather live to work and in May 2016 the opportunity arose for me to leave my career in marketing and before I knew it I was enrolled onto the Bikram Teacher Training course, starting in September in Thailand. As soon as I got speaking to my teacher, friend and mentor I knew I wanted to do what she did, and that was to teach the amazing life changing practice, that is known as Bikram Hot Yoga!

What a busy year 2016 was or me. I attended my first ever Bikram class on the 4th Jan 2016 and taught my first class exactly one year later on 3rd Jan. In between all of this craziness and life changing experience I practised 206 classes in 261 days, the most classes out of anyone at my home studio, I was the first to complete a 30 day challenge and had the great honour of being part of the demonstration team at my graduation ceremony.

So when you attend my classes you can expect to feel and experience my enthusiasm and energy for yoga all wrapped up in a fun filled way.


Karama Yoga at Bikram Yoga Leeds, UK Jun – Sep 2016

Bikram Yoga  Teacher Training Thailand Sep-Nov 2016

Bikram Yoga Teacher Leeds, UK Jan 2017 to date

Liz xx