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I’ve been practising yoga for six years and teaching for three.

My first introduction to Yoga was through the practise of Bikram.  I swore after my first class I would never do it again….and 6 years on, here I am, teaching it, loving it, passionate about it, invigorated by it and above all, inspired by the students that travel with me on their journeys when they step onto their mats.

I did my Bikram Teacher Training in Thailand in 2014 and since then have taught in Australia, UK and USA.

We all have to start somewhere and there is never an ending to where Yoga can take you…everything we do in our lives is some form of Yoga.  There are always places to grow and develop.  After 2 years of teaching Bikram, I was inspired to further my Yoga knowledge in India – training in Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

This year I plan to extend my training into Yin Yoga.

It’s hard to articulate the benefits that Yoga has brought to me – but every time I step into the hot room, I simply feel at peace and at rest: like I’ve come home, no matter how difficult it may be that day.  A sanctuary that supports, nurtures, challenges, forgives and encourages growth and self reflection.  There is no greater gift that we can give ourselves than being present to ourselves.  Yoga, in any form, does that.  It’s been a blessing that has allowed me to deal with many good, bad and ugly moments in my life.  Thankfully it’s not WHAT we practise, but HOW we practise that has the impact.

One of my favourite quotes is by a Tibetan Monk:

“A human being present to himself is more precious than the rarest of gems”

Yoga has given me the gift of presence and awareness to myself which in turn has transformed my relationships externally and internally.

I would encourage anyone to use Yoga as a beautiful tool to combine physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.