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Emily Rose


I really enjoy coming to hot yoga to practise as it’s such a great form of exercise that complements what I already do for a living and how I already exercise. As a dancer I stretch very often but don’t usually do it with such an intense environment and with the focus and meditation that you do in yoga. I have taken many yoga classes over the last few years and sometimes I don’t find them challenging enough as I am used to balancing and stretching intensely but with the heat I really do find it a challenge. Michelle is a great teacher and corrects me in a way that I usually don’t work my body which I find challenging and takes more focus. As well as working my body extremely hard and pushing it in different ways than I have before, I find hot yoga very meditative and in a strange way relaxing. Sometimes my exercise regime is very intense and it can be hard to switch off when I get home and struggle to sleep or relax but the hot yoga I find tires me out both in body and mind. I don’t need to wind down after class and usually when I get home and feel like I could go straight to sleep. I love doing yoga and I enjoy pushing my body to the max in my practise and I love the feeling I get afterwards of fulfilment and revitalisation but also calm and chilled out.


Hot Yoga

I started attending Michelle’s Bikram Yoga Classes about 9 months ago after a friend of mine told me about them. Although I’d been practising yoga for about 14 years and I had been a Hatha Yoga Instructor for 4 years, I was still slightly apprehensive and wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived for my first class (with my yoga mat clutched in a nervous, sweaty hand), Michelle was so welcoming and friendly and instantly put me at ease. Her explanations throughout the class were excellent and she was so encouraging and positive. I found the first class tough but I loved it and couldn’t wait to go back! I regularly attend now and although I still find it challenging, I can feel a positive difference. When I first starting going I had lower back issues and was very stiff around the knee joints. These problems are a thing of the past now. There are still postures that I can’t quite do but with Michelle’s guidance, I’m improving. I can’t recommend Michelle enough. She is an excellent teacher – extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. Her classes are fantastic and I would recommend them to anybody who wants to improve their flexibility, their strength, their focus and overall well-being.

Sean Krool

Hot Yoga

I have witnessed significant benefits for myself and my fighters. We attend a minimum of two Bikram Yoga classes per week, this is in addition to a very rigorous sport-specific program that the fighters follow. We have found that the hot yoga classes really complement the other training sessions in the following ways: Reduces muscle soreness from previous training sessions and aids recovery, Increases flexibility, Improves balance and core strength, Makes breathing more efficient - controlling your breath is such an important part of yoga that it becomes a lot easier when training in other areas, Helps to lose water-weight before a fight, Some of the body weight poses use muscle groups that are difficult to engage and work using other types of training, Reduces stress and anxiety (boxing can be very stressful) - yoga helps to elevate our moods and provides a welcome change from our usual, daily training regimes, Promotes an overall better connection between our minds and our bodies. I recommend Bikram Yoga to all my Personal Training clients and it is an integral part of all my fighters training regimes.


Bikram Yoga

I love it! I love how it makes my body feel and how invigorated, yet tired from a job well done. Rheumatoid arthritis has caused my joints to seize up yet Bikram Yoga has given me back flexibility and ease in my body, reducing inflammation and pain. Its hard work, yet so worth it. Michelle is a fab teacher, she is kind, enthusiastic, and funny and really puts you through the poses. I’d recommend it for anyone. Thanks Michelle (shaggy!)


Hot Yoga

LOVE IT! I just absolutely love Bikram Yoga. My daughter bought me a 10 class pack of lessons with Michelle back in 2015 and I was instantly hooked and have not looked back since

Sarah Pax

Hot Yoga

Having MS I wanted to keep myself mobile for as long as possible and had read various articles saying yoga had helped people like myself. I got home from work one night and my husband passed me a flyer that had been put through the letter box. BIKRAM YOGA CLASSES, local and beginners welcome. So the class was booked. I went along to the class not knowing what to expect or even if I would be able to do it especially as extreme heat can send my body into spasm. Michelle explained everything that we would be doing and this set my mind more at ease. So 90 minutes later I was tired but absolutely buzzing and that was the start of my Bikram journey. As some one with a chronic and unpredictable illness, yoga has helped me feel more in touch with my body and helps me live more comfortably in it. I have far more energy after classes and my husband says it makes me glow. Thank you Michelle for your guidance (and patience), If I can do it anyone can x