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My discovery of yoga started when I was a 9-year-old girl peeking into my big sisters’ book, that she had borrowed from the library. We were big readers at the time, and while I was still “stuck” at the children’s section, she could borrow any book she wanted. And the book I peeked into was about healthy living and breathing techniques. I didn’t know then, but it was the start of my Pranayama practice, as I pressed my hands towards the sides of my rib cage trying to get them to move as  my ribs expanded with every inhale.

Then there was a lecture at school- once again, healthy living and eating, where I learned about Ayurveda at the age of 12, and when I was 15 I started volunteering as an assistant in the kitchen of a yoga camp. That’s where I tried yoga for the first time. From there on I did a few asanas here and there, but my practice really started only when I was 20 and met a lovely Iyangar yoga teacher. After a few years of practising I found Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness. I enrolled in my first year-long teacher training and started to volunteer at a local yoga community in Aalborg, Denmark. I was a new teacher with multiple injuries from years of cooking as a study job (and from years of being a tall person), so I always gravitated towards a gentler, therapeutic approach to yoga. Around 2015, I got stronger and started a practice of Vinyasa Yoga. I spent the summer of 2017 in Rishikesh, India doing a teacher training in Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy.

I love the freedom Creative Vinyasa gives me as a yoga teacher, and how I can incorporate the best of what I’ve learned through the years. My classes always include some healing, strengthening and unwinding, and they are suitable for all levels.