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I’m a Latvian (EU) national and have taught regularly as a travelling teacher since I graduated from Teacher Training in Spring 2012. I did re certification in Thailand Fall 2015. I have taught in Austria (Graz, Linz, Vienna), USA (NY – Rochester), England (Liverpool London, Leeds, Glasgow), Bergen (Norway), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Gothenburg (Sweden), Dublin and Limerick (Ireland).

Since I was very young I knew I needed to take up some form of exercise that would strengthen my back. I had scoliosis since early childhood, with lots of hospital visits and treatments, trying different things to improve my spine. In my late teens I tried some yoga classes, but I struggled to find a really good yoga class, with a good sequence of postures and teachers who were professionally trained. My friend told me about this Bikram yoga class she had taken, and I thought: “This sounds perfect for me.” By this time I was working as a model and I had found that when I did other sports and training I had a tendency to develop rather large muscles, which didn’t work well for modelling, so I went to my first class.

I liked the class right away, the sequence of postures and the way they were taught, with clear instructions and attention to detail. I started practicing regularly, and I found that my spine improved incredibly fast. I also found that the insomnia I had struggled with stopped pretty much right away, I started sleeping like a baby at night.

I went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in LA in 2012, when I was 20 years old. After my training I have travelled the world, teaching in Rochester (NY), Vienna, Graz and Linz in Austria, Bergen (Norway), Jakarta (Indonesia), London, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Gothenburg in Sweden, Dublin and Limerick. I never regretted switching from a modelling career to being a yoga teacher. I feel that my life has a purpose now, because I do something that really matters, I am involved in a process of people improving their lives. I can also express myself in my job, teaching the class in different ways depending on who is in the room, making the class faster paced, or more technical or meditative, depending on how I use my voice. It’s inspiring to see people improve their bodies, minds and spirits, and to see how this yoga brings people more life to their days.