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Inferno Hot Pilates

95 degree heat 40% relative humidity

Hot Pilates was created in LA around 4 years ago and is new on the scene here in the UK.  Michelle is among the first in  the UK to be qualified to teach it!

Hot Pilates is a challenging 60 minute, full body, low impact, high intensity workout, using Pilates principles.  The room is heated to 95 degrees.  It is designed for all fitness levels and it helps tone and strengthen muscles without the pounding of a high impact workout.

Its practised to music, your instructor will help you achieve your goals, push you to and through your limits, with motivation, inspiration and energy.

This is a great cardio workout which is kind on your joints, tones your muscles and improves your core strength.  Lease the class feeling empowered and stronger than ever!

See results fast!